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How exactly do you individually tailor each ceremony?


During our initial meeting, I will ask you specifically designed questions to find everything I need to plan a tailored wedding ceremony for you. I will find out the details about your upcoming wedding, such as the venue, the theme or special requests. I will also get to know you as a couple! We then will work together to create YOUR wedding ceremony, you can have as much or as little input as you wish.

Each ceremony will differ not just in terms of wording and your vows, but also in terms of general tone and maybe even a structure. As we work together I will get to know you even more, which would give me an opportunity for an emotional preparation to conduct your wedding ceremony.


My role as a marriage celebrant is not only to write your wedding ceremony, but also to conduct it with the right tone, mood and emotional element. So in the end, a romantic and more traditional couple would have a very different ceremony to, for example, a quirky and relaxed couple.




What makes you a good weddng celebrant?


There are three key ingredients

1. Passion for what I do. When you love and take pride in what you do - you do it well.

2. Public speaking experience  -  I have extensive performance and events MC experience.
3. Education - I have a Bachelor degree from The University of Auckland. 


Can you write my vows for me?


I always encourage the couples to write their own vows, however not all of us are good at writing, especially when it comes to romantic pieces. Though I would not write the vowels for you, I will help you in the process. For example, I can show you a number of relevant examples, and help you put your vows together.


What do we do at the wedding rehearsal?


The quote for my wedding services includes a rehearsal at your venue.


The wedding rehearsal takes between 15 to 30 minutes, and it is a time well spent. It will give you a peace of mind before your wedding day and reduce anxiety, which will allow you to have a relaxed, seamless and remarkable ceremony you deserve.


During the rehearsal we will go through the logistics of your ceremony with the whole wedding party, preferably at your wedding venue.

We will cover such things as:

- where to stand, how to move into the ceremony area and out of the ceremony area.

- who will have the rings and how will they be handed over at that critical part of the ceremony.

- who will give the signal that the bride is ready to walk.

- how and where we perform other rituals, unity or other ceremonies, if appropriate.


I also encourage the couples to have the rehearsal around the same time as the actual ceremony. This will ensure that the correct lighting is cared for and there will be no unpleasant surprises during the ceremony, such as the sun shining directly in the bride & groom’s or/and guests’ eyes.  

How long before the ceremony do you arrive?


I am usually at the venue 30 min before the ceremony or even earlier, if required.  I only do one wedding a day, so your wedding day is my special priority.


Who can be a witness?


Anyone, as long as they understand what occurs at the ceremony (i.e. they should be of sound mind, and should not be intoxicated). Children can be witnesses, but they must be old enough to understand the nature of the ceremony. You need two witnesses. They can also be related to you. They don’t need to be a New Zealand citizen or even a resident.


What else do we need to do before our wedding?


The Department of Internal Affairs has a guide for preparations to help you marry , you can download the brochure here - Getting Married: a guide for couples preparing to get married in New Zealand.

You will need a marriage license. To get a license you will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage application form from The Department of Internal Affairs.

Is having a good MC a key to a successful and fun wedding reception?


A lot of people think that the key to a successful and fun wedding reception is to have a fun MC. While this is true, it doesnt entirly depend on just an MC. You also have to consider other factors such as:
- your guests; their age groups and social statuses. 

- your venue; is there enought room to comfortably accomodate the number of guests you are planning to have? If the place is too crowded it will get hot and stuffy really quickly and that's not a good environment to relax and have fun.

No doubt a good MC will be able to get any crowed fired up and set them off for a fun night in any environment, but the extent to which it can be done is always variable.

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