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Wedding MC Service

If you are looking for a regular MC that does standard 5 announcements at your wedding – I am not the right one.

I am very passionate about weddings and believe the day should be memorable, entertaining and fun.


Wedding reception is usually held after the formal ceremony part for a good reason and that is to celebrate, relax, have fun and leave with good memories and something to talk about in the years to come.


russian wedding MC

I have experience in organising a variety of events, and I am experienced in performing on stage and in front of large audience. I MC concerts, weddings, corporate and birthday parties. In the past I used to play in drama clubs, I was a guide in a local museum and used to perform with my dancing team in New Zealand and Australia.

I am passionate about events (especially weddings ), I love creating and put all my passion, heart and soul in to this work. I take pride in what I deliver so it’s always up to a standard.


Below I have listed an example of wedding reception. Due to exclusive offerings greater details will be discussed with individual couple. If you are interested and would like to discuss further, lets meet in person for a first no obligation meeting.

fun wedding MC

What's on offer

  • Personalised reception program

  • Interactive, fun activities and games for your guests

  • To suit formal or fun, traditional or unique

So what do I offer that other regular MC don’t?

There is nothing worse than bored guests because food is the only entertainment of the night (although good food is important too).


My husband and I work as a duet. While I mainly do all the MC, Andrew is in charge of the props and music if there is no DJ.


Depending on your wedding theme, mood and audience we prepare a tailored reception programme with interactive activities, performances and touchy romance.


You can have as much or as little input as I will make sure that what I prepare and offer for your Big Day suits your personality, guests and general wedding tone.

wedding MC auckland

Example of a wedding reception:

  • Bride and groom arrives. Guests are asked to participate in a welcome ceremony

  • Guests are seated, welcome words, toast for the couple

  • Parents Speech

  • Food is served

  • Interactive activity with guests (at the tables).

  • Other speeches

  • Interactive acivity with bridal party/games/fun photo opportunities

  • Interactive activity, involving guests. Games, laughter, great photo opportunities

  • Traditional/national  ritual. (wheather you come from NZ, England or Russia – we can do one for you)

  • Cake cutting and serving (optionally guests can be involved in to this ceremony too)

  • Dessert is served

  • Speech from Bride and Groom

  • First Dance

  • Dance with Parents

  • Dancing and more games if they fit 

  • Bride bouquet goes

  • Garter goes 

  • Dancing

  • Bride and Groom Leaving ceremony

  • Everyone Leaves happy and smiling

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