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Wedding Planning Service

I want a great wedding but…. have no time to plan, …dreading the planning process… would like to plan my wedding but don’t know where to start and what to do…

Well you are in the right place.


We cater for little or bigger budgets.

We welcome high or low client involvement.

We have a list of vendors we work with, but will be happy if you have your preferred suppliers.


russian wedding planner

Still like to be involved in the majority of your wedding planning? No problem at all, we can step aside and unobtrusively provide guidance, support and help.


We only organize a small number of weddings a year, because we see wedding as a little fairytale wonders, they are special and shouldnt be turned in to an everyday, "just another day" type of events. We believe little details are crucial; in fact your Big day is a sea of small details. We take every moment of your big day and think and plan it through, so that everything goes perfect when it comes to your Wedding Day.


You want your Wedding Day to be special, not like any other weddings. At this point we put our creative hats on and generate, build and craft ideas and concepts to make it unique and special to You.

wedding planning service

What's on offer

  • Weddings for little or bigger budget

  • High or low client involvement

  • Open to work with different vendors

  • Making big deal of little details to make your Big Day flawless

Wedding planning is a long but very exciting process, well at least for us (we work as a husband and wife duet).


Your wedding is one of the most important, bright and memorable days of your life, therefore it should be planned well. The planning takes a lot of effort and time (sometimes up to a year). There are a lot of details that needs to be taken in to account prior and on the Big Day.


But don’t stress we are here to make this process a breeze and to get you through it as smooth as possible. We take all the stress and running around away from you, so you just enjoy your role as a bride and groom.



wedding planner auckland

We only do a small number of weddings a year. We love creating and put all our passion, heart and soul in to our work. So each wedding takes time and a lot of energy. We offer wedding planning because we are passionate and almost fanatical about weddings, plus we love each other and are not planning to re-marry.
We take pride in what we deliver, so it’s always up to a standard.


Give us a call and lets get together for an initial no obligation meeting to see if we can be of an assistance in making your “wedding journey” an enjoyable experience to remember.

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