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How to write Your Wedding Vows

Planning a wedding is no doubt an interesting and challenging time. There are so many ideas flowing around these days that it is very easy for couples to lose track and get carried away in little details while trying to make their wedding unlike any other they’ve ever been to.


Sadly enough, its more often than not, wedding vows get neglected or left untill the last minute and done in the rush. But one thing you have got to remember is that beyond all the lights and tensile, bridesmaids’ dresses, wedding flowers, candy bars, photo booths and personalised hangers, at the end of the day  what really lasts -  are your wedding vows.


They are your promises to each other, your keepsakes, your “go to” piece when you feeling down, they are your vows to each other, so let’s give them your greatest attention.

russian wedding celebrant auckland
russian wedding celebrant auckland

Planning a wedding? Or maybe its time to renew your vows? Whatever it is, here are some helpful tips to help you write YOUR wedding vows:

1.     Keep your vows personal

true to who you are as a couple. Don't pretend to be something you're not.  If you're funny - be funny.  If you are emotional - be that.  Don't try to put on an act for your guests, because these sweet words are really just for your sweetheart.

2.     Leave some time for preparation

Carry around a notebook or create a note on your smartphone during your engagement and take note of what you love most about your sweetheart. Whether it be that he always brings you coffee in bed, or the way his face lights up when you watch his favorite show, take note of these seemingly simple traits. By the end of your engagement you'll notice you have a notebook filled with inspiration to start writing those seriously sweet vows.

3.     Find Inspiration

Read romance novels, find a favourite poem, search for the perfect quote - whatever it may be, remember that it doesn't hurt to find a few favourites to reference.


4.     Ask for Advice

Consider asking a few of your favourite married couples for one piece of marriage advice - this might help inspire your vows.


5.     Consider Your Audience

Avoid oversharing, or saying something that could be potentially embarrassing. The rule could be - if you wouldn't say it in the presence of your 80 year old nana, don't include it in your vows.

6.     Don't Make Promises You Won't Keep

These are words you're going to remember forever, so don't make promises you don't intend on keeping. For example, don't vow that you'll make your husband’s favourite dinner every Friday night, because some nights you might want to break said vow for a frozen pizza.

7.     Embrace the Emotion

You might cry and that's ok! Some of the sweetest ceremonies are the ones where the couple tears up!


8.     Practice

Can't reiterate this enough - rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. The last thing you want to do is mess up your own vows, and the easiest way to prevent this is to practice.


9.     Write them down

If you can’t memorise - write your vows down. Keep them handy during your ceremony and reference as needed. Here is an idea - write your vows on a beautiful piece of paper or card and attach your rings to it.


10.   Keepsakes

Once you've written your vows, consider having them made into a keepsake. Another idea? Ask your favourite calligrapher to write them out and frame them in your new home.

russian marriage celebrant auckland
russian marriage celebrant auckland
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